P@ce Internet offers high-speed data,
voice and video services through the Internet.

About P@ce Internet

P@ce is an innovative and disruptive technology company, complicatedly working to deliver joy, advantage and success for people through, and by, continuous pursuit of excellence in internet services.

Our vision is to revolutionize broadband services in Anand-Kheda district by providing simple-to-understand yet state-of-the-art services that will enable people of our country to do so much more in their daily lives, thereby bringing them unprecedented advantage and joy, ultimately resulting in their success. we have served business and home consumers for over five years and have grown to deliver the most amazing internet experience to our consumers today.

For our business users, our revolutionary and disruptive Business Internet Access (BIA) products and our data center products offering metered power, deliver an unfair advantage of abundance enabling them to do so much more within their budgets.